UpperFist is basically the evil twins of UnderFist. In their world, they call themselves UpperFist.


There are different members of UpperFist. It started with Soh Odagled, Ffej, Niwri, Rracs, and Derf. Later on, UpperFist had children, just like UnderFist, and allowed them to join when they were 12. These new members are Cire, Ffej II, Refinnej, Dahc, and Nosaj. Eventually, UnderFist:The Next Generation get into a fight with the newer UpperFist.


UpperFist's World

The world in which UpperFist comes from is called Eht Esrevinu(The Universe). In there, the world is corrupted. UpperFist travels around the world and through time causing mischief. On the planet Htrae, all the people who are villians in UnderFist's world are heros in UpperFist's world. That is why most of the UnderFist villians are enemies of UpperFist. Htrae is full of crumbled, wide open landscapes filled with fire, and corpses.

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