UnderFist has put this up incase he ever got a chance to create an UnderFist Videogame.                                                                                                                                     

Name  UnderFist:  When Enemies Attack!
Platform PS2
Release Date ?/??/??
Money $??.??


The idea is that each level will have a boss, which are from the UnderFist Mini-stories Issues  #1-10.


X=Punch     Square=Kick  Triangle=Jump     Up/Down/Left/Right=Move     L=Select Robot Form     L3=Brings Up Robot Form Menu     R=Camera/Select Character     R3=Bring Up Character Menu     L1=Combos/Vehicle Menu     L2=Zoom-In When Using A Gun(Hold)     O=Select/Vehicle Menu/Weapon Menu     <--/-->=Select Vehicle


X+Square(Press At Same Time)=Elbow, Punch, Round House Kick     X+X+X=Right Hook, Left Hook, Uppercut     Square+Square+Square=Right Kick, Left Kick, Right Hip Shot     Triangle+Triangle=Double Jump     X+X+Square=Gut Shot, Face Shot, Head-Aimed Round House Kick     L1/R1+Down+O(Press At The Same Time)=Vehicle Menu     L1+Up/Down/Left/Right=Chainsaw Leg(Hos Only)

Cheat Codes

Press Select, then at menu, press L1+L2+R1+R2+Right+Right+Square+Square+Down+X=Mega Robot-Slim Mode     UnderFist(Alternate Timeline)=First, beat the game. Then, go into the difficulty called Member, and beat level one. When you go to play in the other difficulties, press select. Then, press L1+L2+R1+R2+Left+X. When you go to the character menu, you will see the alternate UnderFist.     Play As Enemies=Beat the game with the medium difficulty setting. Then, when you go into the character menu, UnderFist and all of the bosses will be there.     Spider Queen(Alternate timeline)=When you get the enemies in your character menu, press X+X+X+Down+Down+L1. You will see her show up.


Hos Delgado     Irwin     Jeff     Scarr     Fred     *Hos Delgado(Timeskip 1)     *Irwin(timeskip 1)     *Jeff(Timeskip 1)     *Scarr(Timeskip 1)     *Fred(Timeskip 1)     *Overlord    *Spider Queen     *Arachnia     *Robot-dinosaurs     *Aliens     *Dragon     *Evil Robots     *Robot-King     *UpperFist     *Animal Robots     *Butler     *Spider Queen(Alternate) 


Hos-Anything     Irwin-Pharoah's Tools, Cross, Curse, Tomb, Bat-Wings, Fangs, & Lightning Ball     Jeff-Webs & Poison     Scarr-Personal Robot     Fred-Muscle


Robot Head     L.Arm     R.Arm     L.Leg     R.Leg     Torso     Lair     Train Segments 1-7     Sub     Sub Segments 1-5     Train     Jet     Rocket Ship


UnderFist Robot     Lair Robot     Train Robot     Mega Robot     *Mega Robot-Slim Mode

The * symbol means that those items are only available by cheat code.

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