The Train Robot is the only UnderFist robot to have 3 modes.


UnderFist Train Robot

UnderFist Train Robot

The robot is made up of 7 train segments. It has an UnderFist symbol on its forhead, and hatches on its arms, legs, and head.

Mode 2Edit

The Train Robot has a second mode, in which it switches its arms and legs. Once the legs are attached to the shoulders, the front splits in half, and moves onto the middle of the arm, on each side.

Battle ModeEdit

This mode is made when the trains come together on the ground. Where the windows are on his chest, out come tank turrets.


Train RobotEdit

The Train Robot has many abilities:

  • Laser Cannon(UnderFist Symbol extends out of forhead;extension allows for 360 degree rotation)
  • Weapon Cylinder(hatches extend out, and open up;holds swords, nunchucks, and spinning top)
  • Turrets(come out of windows on chest)
  • Throwing Star(comes out of weapon cylinder on head;extends up to 25')
  • Laser Cannons(come out of inner chest;windows open, fingers go in and lock, chest opens up like coat, cannons extend out;3 cannons)
  • Speakers(on palms;when hit together, create sonic wave;travels up to 1 mile;cuts objects in half)

Mode 2Edit

This mode has the same abilities, but also has some new ones:

  • Laser Rifles(on top of arms)
  • Laser Shooters(come out of wrists;leg fronts come up to wrist, but do not conect, hand goes inside, spins, out comes laser shooter;laser is twice as powerful as Laser Rifles)

Battle ModeEdit

This mode has all the same weapons as the normal Train Robot.

Weapons GalleryEdit

Train Robot

  • coming soon

Mode 2

  • coming soon

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