The UnderFist enemies vary. It started with the Overlord, who has a true form, and other things. He is usually seen with a long robe, evil eyes, sharp fingers, and sharp toes. His true form is a creature with a round head, and four tentacles. This form can turn into a cannon, and includes an escape pod. He controls Doomsburg, the overhead robots, & the army of zombies. The second one is the Spider Queen. She has an army of spider soldiers. Her screech can summon millions of spiders. she also has a robot form of herself. The robot has a lot of abilities. It is as big as the UnderFist Robot, 50' x 25'. It contains: rockets, a bolo, a boomerang, laser beams, flame throwers, & bombs. It does contain more, but this is a brief discription. After her is the robot-dinosaurs. These robot-dinosaurs own their own island. They came there about 70 years ago.

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