Mecha Robot

Mecha Robot

The Mecha Robot is a fusion of the UpperFist Robot & the Lair Robot. They fuse by locking their hands together, then creating blue lightning between them. Next, a white light flashes, and there appears the Mecha Robot. The mecha robot has a headpiece that's half the UpperFist Robot's, and half that belongs to the Lair Robot. It has the same cuffs as the Lair Robot, and the same bottom design of the torso. Its legs look different, being smaller.


Mecha Robot Slim Mode

Mecha Robot Slim Mode

The Mecha Robot can go into slim-mode, in which it drops all of its armor, and every part of it becomes perfectly round. This allows the robot to become faster and stronger.


Mecha Robot

The Mecha Robot has many abilities:

  • Blades(leg covers)
  • Bombs(come out of cuffs)
  • Lasers(come out of cuffs)
  • Boomerang(head piece)
  • Multi-Laser(comes out of chest)
  • Self Destruct Mechanism(behind Multi-Laser)
  • Tazer Cords w/ speared ends(comes out of upper legs;distance of 300ft.)

Slim Mode

The Mecha Robot Slim Mode has many abilities:

  • Blades(come from lower arms)
  • Lasers(come out of eyes, wrists, and ankles)
  • Boomerang(head piece)
  • Rockets(come out of upper arms and mouth)
  • Needle Cylinder(inside upper legs)
  • Guns(inside lower legs)
  • Jetpack(comes out of back)
  • Buzzsaws(come out of chest;holds 3)
  • Slim Mode Gun(formed by UpperFist pulling a lever inside each of their cockpits;head piece becomes hammer)

Weapons Gallery

Mecha Robot

  • Coming soon

Mecha Robot Slim Mode

Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(blade)


Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(rockets)


Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(wrist laser)

Wrist Laser

Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(ankle laser)

Ankle Laser

Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(needle cylinder)

Needle Cylinder

Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(eye laser)

Eye Laser

Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(mouth rockets)

Mouth Rocket

Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(jetpack)


Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(gun)


Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(boomerang)


Mecha Robot Slim-Mode(buzzsaw)


Mecha Robot Slim Mode Gun

Slim Mode Gun