Irwin was born on December 9, 1991. He was born and raised in Doomsburg, Pennsylvania. When he was 7, he found out that his mother was a mummy. At the age of 9, Irwin found out that his paternal grandfather was Dracula. This made him go on a 3 year journey, visiting various locations, and training to use his new powers. After he mastered his abilities, Irwin returned home.


Irwin is the son of Dick and Nefrodit. He has an older brother named Melvin II. His paternal grandparents are Dracula & Tanya. Irwin's maternal grandparents are Ramesses & Nefertiti. His powers were passed down over a long line of generations.

 Through the series

Irwin is second in charge of UnderFist. As the story progresses, Irwin ages. Through the years, Irwin turns from 12 to 25, 25 to 38, and 38 to 59.


Irwin is very intelligent, and is also 1/3 human, 1/3 mummy, and 1/3 vampire. He can turn into a vampire-mummy. In this form, Irwin is as strong as Hos. Irwin's bite can kill a person. The transformation includes a head-dress, a necklace, sharp fingers, sharp teeth, and bat wings. Irwin can turn into a vampire-mummy bat as well. In the series, it is revealed that Irwin can turn into a plain mummy, or plain vampire. In the mummy form, he can use an attack called Pharaoh's Cross. This allows him to absorb the attack of his opponent. That also includes the Pharaoh's Curse, which uses the energy absorbed to create snakes, scarabs, and anything else Irwin wants. The strongest attack that Irwin can use is pharoah's tomb. This happens when he puts his tools across the jewel in his head piece. Then, it shoots a beam that turns into a giant pyramid in mid-air, and remains to fly without falling.


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Alternate versions

Irwin's Daughter 

In the spin-off series, UnderFist:The Next Generation, one of the members is shown to be Irwin's daughter, Jennifer. She has the same powers, but also that of a werewolf's, thanks to her mother.




Irwin mummy-vampire


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