Hos Delgado

Hos Delgado

Hos was born on March 17, 1960. He was born and raised in Doomsburg, Pennsylvania. When hos was 22, he got hurt in a serious accident. He was crossing the street when a truck delivering wrecking balls for a local construction company hit a post. The back of the truck flew open, and the balls went rolling. 3 of them hit Hos, knocking him down, and crushing his right hand & the bottom section of his right leg. Unable to feel his hand or leg, he screamed for someone to call 9-1-1. In the blink of an eye, one of the wrecking balls hit a parked car about 8 feet in front of Hos. A piece of the shattered glass flew into the air, & jabbed him in his left eye. Hos was later shipped to the hospital, were doctors amputated his hand and leg. Through his insurance, the hospital gave him the best prostetics they could offer. Afterwards, Hos went to college for 4 years. There he learned robotic engineering. Hos graduated in the class of 1986. 7 years passed until Hos decided to go into the monster hunting business. With his previous knowledge of robotic engineering, Hos created his own prostetics, which only took about 1 month. The hardest part was configuring the hand, because of all of the weapons that are confined inside of it. Instead of doing something with his left eye, he decided to put an eyepatch over it.

Through the series

Hos Delgado starts off at the age of 43. Little is known about his past. Hos Delgado appears in every UnderFist mini-story. As the story progresses, he ages. Hos turns from 43 to 56, 56 to 69, and 69 to 90.


His power is his mechanical hand and chainsaw leg.


  • chainsaw on a bowgun
  • laser beam shooter
  • light saber
  • grenade launcher
  • giant laser cannon
  • helicopter blade
  • ecto-plasma shooter
  • net launcher
  • machine gun
  • blaster with three barrels
  • spiked-ball on a rod


  • Coming soon

Alternate Versions

Weapons Gallery

  • Coming soon

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